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What Is This Site About? is a website of rumored mysteries and diabolical dangers--but also fabulous treasures! The primary feature is Dragon's Delve, a megadungeon that has hundreds of rooms, more than 20 levels and sublevels, and more than 550 deadly, challenging, fully-fleshed out, and unique encounters

Dragon's Delve was created by Monte Cook (co-designer of 3rd Edition D&D) and was written by Super Genius Games (producers of the best-selling Genius Guide supplements for the Pathfinder RPG). It's usable, in whole or in part, in any campaign setting. Although it may appear to start out like a conventional dungeon, as you get deeper the full scope of the adventure, and the unique challenges presented, become more and more apparent.

After Dragon's Delve was finished, we added a number of what we're calling "mini-dungeons", two of which are: "The Necropolis of Pergia", a small dungeon written by Charles Ryan, former Brand Manager for Dungeons & Dragons and the "Tomb-World of Alak-Ammur", a 12th-level adventure written by creator Monte Cook! These short adventures can be placed into any setting with almost no effort and willl provide hours of challenging fun. We're thrilled that both Monte and Charles had the time to write these adventures for us and we're sure that you all will get just as big a thrill out of them as we did.

Along the side and bottom you'll find various links to sections of the site. While we're no longer producing new content daily, there's enough adventuring goodness to last even the most hardcore of groups for years. And that's not including all of the supplementary material we've provided for the dungeons, plus all of the various blog entries, and the forums. Along the top, you'll see links that will allow you to see the current dungeon map, other maps (like a side view of the dungeon, and the area around it), and an article about dungeon design assumptions.

Getting Started With Dragon's Delve

Dragon Prince

If you want to use Dragon's Delve as a DM, start by reading the Dungeon Design Assumptions. Then move on to the material in the Dragon's Delve Resources section, including the History of Dragon's Delve, the Secrets and Rumors of Dragon's Delve, and the Surrounding Environs. Finally, familiarize yourself with the Room Format, take a gander at the map of Level One, then read the first room and go on from there. When you're done, head over to the Forums and let us know what you think. Remember, is more than a dungeon, it's a community of folks who love dungeons. (And dragons.) Have fun, and good luck!

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Art by Eric Lofgren and Okan Bülbül