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The following terms are referenced in various places throughout Dragon's Delve. As the dungeon is further revealed, expect these entries to grow and become more detailed, and expect many new entries to be added to this living document. 

Anra Saddana: Female human that serves as Lord Mayor of Brindenford. She's also a business owner in the town. Pronounced "Ann-Rah Sah-donnah" See the Gathering Hall for more information.

Baine Strongbow: A paladin that once aided the town of Brindenford. Although slain by assassins, his soul is held within his sword, which lies somewhere on Level 5. See also The Paladin's Sword.

Bargelos: A draconic descendant of Metterak that dwells on Level 10 of the dungeon. "Cursed" to be a gold dragon rather than a red. Hated enemy of Theophrastus. Pronounced "Bar-gell-oss."

Barzonyn DuMair: A human necromancer that has taken up residence in Terregaunt's Tower. She is a close friend of Jarla Vreech. Pronounced "Bar-zohn-in Dew-Mayr"

Beast God: A relatively minor god of ferocity and blood. Dark and savage, the Beast God calls upon the primal, bestial nature of his followers, encouraging them to revel in blood and violence.
The Beast God is Chaotic Evil. His domains are Chaos, Evil, and Destruction. His favored weapon is a battle axe.

Belestros: A god of strength, stone, and all things tangible. Belestros' followers are practical and usually live off of some natural resource, such as farmers, herders, or miners. For more information, see The Temple of Belestros.
Belestros is Lawful Neutral. His domains are Law, Strength, and Earth. His favored weapon is the mace or cudgel.

Bestial Host: A strange religious cult dedicated to a deity known simply as the Beast God. The host is a mixture of goblins, kobolds, hobgoblins, orcs, bugbears, and degenerate humans (basically, Neanderthals). They emulate the savagery of their god and usually fight with little fear of pain or death. Not all the members of the host speak the same language, but most speak either Common or Goblin. See also Using the Bestial Host.

Bethirion: Elven knight that served the Red Saint and ultimately betrayed him. Pronounced "Beth-ee-ree-on"

Birshwar: Half-dragon cleric that reveres Metterak and builds shrines around the twelve secret sigils that he finds.

Bluesteel Doors: Occasionally, delvers report coming upon strange "bluesteel" doors, so named because they are made of steel with a distinct bluish tint. These doors are sealed and particularly sturdy; one cannot open them by normal magical means, such as a knock spell. They have no lock to pick. Instead, each door will open to a specific word. Sometimes, those who search can find the key word hidden in a nearby relief carved in the wall or scrawled upon a stone. Other times, they must discover it through separate investigation or divination.
Typical bluesteel doors are 3 inches thick with a hardness of 12, 120 hit points, and a break DC of 31.

Brindenford: A small town in what is now called the Fallen Duchy. Brindenford lies near the ruined Chordille Keep, and the numerous entrances to the dungeons underneath it. For more information, see Surrounding Environs.

Captain Darkblood: Undead pirate captain and self-proclaimed "Pirate King" on Khorant. Discovered the secret of sailing safely to the island.

Caval the Conjurer: One of the Mages Four, this human male wizard specialized in conjuration spells and summoning tricks. Pronounced "Cav-el."

Chaster: Halfling wizard that was once an adventurer exploring Dragon's Delve, now a thrall of the Font of Dreams. He can be found in area 42 or area 58.

Chordille Keep: The home of Duke Bryson Chordille, razed about 100 years ago. It stood above Dragon's Delve and connected with Level 1. The ruins are still visible, although there is little left. Potentially reappears as a ghostly keep after the Ghost Door is activated on Level 8.

Crasien: Tiefling wizard on Level 7 of Dragon's Delve with many half-fiends under his control. He can be found in area 225. Pronounced "Crass-ee-ehn."

Croshof: The butler of Duke Bryson Chordille. He was faithful to the duke, but knew of Duchess Andra Chordille's evil schemes. He is now a ghost in Chordille Keep. Pronounced "Crosh-off."

Czarzem the Wicked:A unique demon that appears to be a man composed entirely of living, buzzing flies. Can be found on Level 7. Pronounced "S-zar-zem."

Dagon: One of many "old ones" worshipped by the ancient Khorantians. Today his cult has been resurrected using the name "The Shark God."
Dagon is Chaotic Evil. His domains are Evil, Chaos, and Water. His favored weapon is a spear.
Pronounced "Day-gon."

Devil's Maw: An old cave from which an underground river flows into the River Turant. Most locals consider the cave to be a place to avoid--haunted, cursed, or otherwise possessed of ill magic.

Dorana: The dangerous water deity representing the threat and the vengeance of nature. Dorana is the Chaotic Neutral goddess of the sea and vengeance and, to a limited extent, all conflict and even war. She is revered by all those in and on the sea as well as by fighters and some paladins. See the Temple of the River Gods.
Her domains are Air, Chaos, and Water. Her favored weapon is the longsword and her symbol is a wave pierced by a lightning bolt. Pronounced "Door-an-ah."

Drathos: An evil, domineering fighter living on Level 5 of Dragon's Delve.

Duchess Andra Chordille: Wife of Duke Bryson Chordille. Secretly, she revered Rivenyk

Duke Bryson Chordille: Dead ruler of what is now called the Fallen Duchy. Pronounced "Cor-deel."

Entropy Engine: A huge magical artifact created by the Mages Four to harness some of the ambient magical energies found in the lower levels. The Entropy Engine is currently malfunctioning and leaking energy.

Erralak: Ocular tyrant that serves Bargelos. Erralak has a shaft that connects Levels 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, and 10. Pronounced "Air-uh-lack."

Erro Mansan: The sheriff in Brindenford--a human fighter of considerable skill. Pronounced "Air-oh Man-san" See The Gathering Hall for more information.

Essoch and Enaul: These gods are twins who use the river's power to mirror the stream of time, with its many branches and forks. Enaul is the Lawful Neutral god of cities and civilization (bards often worship him), while his brother Essoch is the Chaotic Neutral patron of the wilderness and the primal aspects of all people (thus appealing to druids, barbarians, and even rangers). The brothers make for interesting patrons of the different aspects of elven nature. See the Temple of the River Gods.
Enaul's domains are Travel, Knowledge, and Law. His favored weapon is the rapiera and his symbol is an hourglass and an arrow. Essoch's domains are Chaos, Animal, and Strength. His favored weapon is the staff and his symbol is a staff hooked around a crescent moon. Pronounced "Eess-ock" and "Ee-nawl."

Eulalai Pujalt: Halfling wizard friend of Serrestique who was a prisoner of the demons on Level 7 for a very long time. Can be found in area 217. Pronounced "yoo-lal-eye Poo-jalt"

Fallen Duchy: Once known as the verdant and flourishing Duchy of Chordille, this remote and sparsely populated region is now without a ruler.

Felstor Knoveli: A half-elven sage in Brindenford. See Felstor Knoveli, Master Sage for more information.

Font of Dreams: Magical fountain on Level 2 that controls creatures through their dreams. This fountain was originally created by the Mages Four. The font can be found in area 62. See also Fights and Dreams.

Gardok: A wealthy farmer living just on the outskirts of Brindenford who is a high-ranking member of the Venom Cult. His full name is Devin Gardok, but everyone just knows him as Gardok. Pronounced "Gar-dock."

Ghost Door: A metaphysical construct created by the ghost of Duchess Andra Chordille on Level 8 of the dungeon to give herself and her home a new "life." This magical creation, as a side effect, draws the attention of ghosts and spirits throughout the region.

Glarias, the Moon Goddess: A minor goddess worshipped in the lands surrounding the Fallen Duchy and revered there in its heyday. Glarias presides over the moon, so while she is not an evil goddess, she uses shadow (and even darkness) as well as light as both tools and raiment. When she was captured and imprisoned by the Dragon Prince, her godly power was given to the Beast God.
Glarias is Chaotic Good. Her domains are Good, Knowledge, and Luck. Her favored weapon is a mace. 
Pronounced "Glah-ree-as."

Harrud: Brother Harrud is the priest of Belestros in Brindenford. He is an opponent of the power structure of the town.For more information, see The Temple of Belestros.

Hell coins: Reddish-gold coins with faces of the tormented upon them, these perverse coins are minted by demons and devils and contain doomed souls. Worth 200 gp to a fiend, 10 gp to others (or 0 gp to those who find such things abhorrent). Also known as "hell money." See Area 205 for more.

Iamon: Ancient god who died in a divine war in the very earliest days of the world. His corpse fell to earth and is now buried deep below what is now Dragon's Delve. The ambient energies radiated by the corpse are the source of "chaos magic" that affects many sites in the dungeon. Pronounced "Ee-ay-mon"

Iris Gellow: High priestess of the temple of Vune. See the Temple of Vune for more information. Pronounced "Eye-ris Gell-oh."

Jamissan: Greatest of the Warrior Bards of the South, Jamissan is known to have found and created many unique magical items.

Jarla Vreech: Blackguard that has taken up residence in Terregaunt's Tower. Close friend of Barzonyn DuMair. Pronounced "Jar-lah Vreech"

Jaskon Tully: Miller in Brindenford. He is secretly a high-ranking member of the Venom Cult.

Jumanik: Satyr cleric-bard from centuries ago, Jumanik loved puzzles. He lived in Dragon's Delve for many years. Pronounced "Ju-man-ick."

Kelmanosh: Distant land whose high king technically rules over the Lost Duchy. (In truth, the former duchy is a remote region all but forgotten by the outside world.) Pronounced "Kell-man-osh."

Khorant: A distant island reachable through a magical gate on Level 5 of Dragon's Delve. No other means exists to reach this mysterious locale located somewhere on the Sea of Eternal Storms.

Khorantians: An ancient folk native to the island of Khorant. Although originally elvenkind, the foul practices and ceremonies they conducted eventually turned them into a degenerate piscine race, akin to sharks.

Kulaj: The creator goddess of the pantheon of the River Gods, she represents the source of the Celestial River. She is the mother of all the other gods in the pantheon. Kulaj is the creator deity and the patron of farmers, artisans, and most of the common people, as well as gnomes and halflings. She is also the goddess of magic, and thus of wizards and sorcerers. See the Temple of the River Gods.
Kulaj is Lawful Neutral. Her domains are Law, Magic, and Plants. Her symbol is a hand that appears to hold a mountain range in the palm. Her weapon is a mace. Pronounced "Koo-lahj."

Lissandera the Enchanter: One of the Mages Four, this female human wizard loved various enchantment spells and also excelled in alchemy and magic item creation. Pronounced "Lis-an-dayr-ah."

Logger's Guild: Guild of foresters and loggers active in Brindenford and north of the town. The group has frequent disputes with the elves of the northern woods. See also the Logger's Landing.

Lord Darrulm: Leader of the grahlus in the Grahlus Fort on the island of Khorant.

Lord Saral: A powerful fighter that explored and eventually lived in Dragon's Delve for a time. He was an expert of weapons of all kinds and led a legion of soldiers and creatures at one time. Pronounced "Sayr-all."

Lost Shepherd: A tavern in Brindenford owned by a former adventurer. This tavern draws most of those interested in exploring Dragon's Delve.

Lost Temple: An old temple of Glarias somewhere deep in the woods about three miles southwest of Brindenford. Some lingering magic of the imprisoned goddess keeps it hidden from the forces of the Beast God who would love to claim it.

Mages Four: A group of four aligned mages of infamous power. Centuries after Queen Ryssa's people overthrew her and abandoned the dungeon, they claimed most of it for themselves. They built the Entropy Engine, among other powerful artifacts.

Mallock: This god represents the treachery of a river that appears to be a gentle stream one moment, but becomes dangerous rapids the next. Mallock is the dark god whose deceptive nature makes him appealing to some rogues. See the Temple of the River Gods.
He is Lawful Evil, and his domains are Evil, Law, and Trickery. His favored weapon is the dagger and his symbol is a serpent entwined around a crescent moon. Pronounced "Mal-ock."

Master Mui Yan: An infamously skilled warrior who teaches fighting secrets in a hidden dojo deep in Dragon's Delve. Pronounced "Mwee Yahn."

Metterak: The self-styled Prince of Dragons, this red dragon is one of the most infamous wyrms in all the world. He reportedly lairs deep within Dragon's Delve (in fact, that's what gives the place its name). Pronounced "Met-er-ak."

Moontree: A huge tree located in Chordille Keep, sacred to Glarias. It eventually became tainted with evil. Even though the tree was chopped down, its roots live on in the dungeon.

Nag: A minor god of serpents and poison. Nag appears to be a giant cobra made of darkness. He is revered by the Venom Cult and a few serpentine creatures (nagas, for example). His mate is Nagaina, and they are frequently worshipped together, although Nagaina is never mentioned without Nag. See Level 6: Domain of the Venom Cult.
Nag is Lawful Evil. His domains are Evil, Knowledge, and Death. His favored weapon is a very long, curved knife (a short sword).
Pronounced "Nog" and "Nog-ah-eena"

Nibul of the Seven Arches: A mysterious magical being that sought to become a god. Traveled with Lord Saral when he explored Dragon's Delve. Nibul was slain by Metterak, and his spirit still lingers in the Tomb of Nibul. Pronounced "Nie-bull."

Old Man's Tunnel: An entrance into the dungeon via a natural tunnel that runs just south of Brindenford into Level 6 of Dragon's Delve. Although most of the locals have heard of it, very few know where it can be found or if it's real.

Orr: A fabeled wizard-priest whose tomb lies hidden in Dragon's Delve. Pronounced "Or."

Phaedor Rhendelmar: A half-elven druid most believe to have been mad. In ages past, he attempted to create methods to grow plants underground and tested his theories in Dragon's Delve.

Pholaen the Worldweaver: An elven wizard and member of the Mages Four. He has a mobile laboratory deep in the dungeon. Pronounced "Fo-layn."

Pit in the Woods: South of Dragon's Delve is a pit where, hundreds of years ago, locals threw criminals and madmen. The pit leads, eventually, to Level 9, where some descendents of those thrown in the pit dwell.

Poet's Bridge: An ancient stone bridge over the River Turant south of Brindenford. Site of a huge battle between the forces of Lord Saral and the Red Saint.

Queen Ryssa: A cruel dwarven queen of antiquity who forced her people to delve deep into the earth, creating much of the dungeon. Pronounced "Rie-sah."

Ramscorn: Ferocious orc barbarian that is the leader of the Bestial Host  guards of the Beast God temple on the first level of the dungeon. He set out to explore and conquer the rest of the dungeon and can be found on Level 2 in area 51. See also The Stolen Bracer.

Red Saint: A powerful cleric named Azassarah that led an army against the forces of Lord Saral. Once he had defeated Lord Saral and cleared the upper levels of Dragon's Delve, he created a magical prison in which to place his enemies. Azassarah is pronounced "Azz-ah-sayr-ah."

Rivenyk: A demon lord that holds sway on Level 7. He was secretly worshipped by Duchess Chordille. Pronounced "Riv-en-ik."

Scrall: The troll priest-king of the Bestial Host. He dwells in the hills far from the dungeon but sends guards and priests there to watch over the temple on Level 1. In theory, he may visit himself one day.

Sea of Eternal Storms: A magical ocean far, far away. At least one terrible storm rages upon these waters at all times, making them virtually impossible to navigate. At the center lies the island of Khorant.

Shakaran Titanslayer: This human male sorcerer was one of the Mages Four and specialized in physical combat, enhanced by magic. Pronounced "Shah-kar-an."

Signar Fuen: Powerful adventurer who died in the dungeon. Signar was once a high-level fighter and explored much of the dungeon. He reached Level 14, where his party all died, and he was drained by undead down to 3rd level. He was killed in area 2. In his flight from the dungeon, he lost an intelligent amulet on Level 12. Pronounced "Sig-nar Fway-en."

Sillitta Ederus: Cleric of Vune. Engaged to Whedon Rasholt. See the Temple of Vune

Serrestique: Female human wizard who came to the dungeon to seek information about the Mages Four. She used a number of chambers on Level 1, but is currently in stasis in the prison on Level 5. Pronounced "Sayr-est-eek."

Stoneseek: Name that Queen Ryssa's dwarves gave to the location now known as Dragon's Delve.

Teigel Fascher: Male human shopkeeper in Brindenford that caters specifically to adventurers headed off to Dragon's Delve. He sells regular gear as well as the occasional magic item. See also Fascher's Supply.

Tekunki: A powerful spirit (a "fire god") that dwells atop the Angry Mountain on Khorant. Likely a representative of the gods or other forces that destroyed the original civilization on the island. Pronounced "Teck-oon-ee."

Tenebrynn Glimmersight: Male elf in Brindenford being considered for the town's council, despite the fact that he opposes the actions of the the Logger's Guild. Pronounced "Ten-ee-brin." See Logger's Landing for more information.

Terregaunt: A dark, brooding fighter. Terregaunt was a henchman of Lord Saral when he first came to Dragon's Delve, but eventually became an important figure all his own. He built a tower to the southwest of the dungeon. Pronounced "Terr-ah-gawnt"

Theophrastus: Human sorcerer who has sealed himself up in an indestructible gem on Level 8 of the dungeon in order to awaken 1,000 years in the future (and to hopefully outlast his enemy Bargelos). Pronounced "Theo-frass-tuss."

Tral-Ferrer: A djinni lord trapped in Dragon's Delve by a strange curse for many years more than a thousand years ago. To enact his escape, he wove a magical carpet said to hold some secret of the dungeon. The carpet was divided into three parts.

Twelve Secret Sigils: Physical manifestations of the Dragon Prince's power in Dragon's Delve, these symbols have appeared throughout the dungeon. Finding and indentifying them will grant creatures power, usually having a draconic aspect of some kind. Each of the twelve sigils is more powerful than those that come before it, so the twelfth is the greatest of them.

Uoto: Half-celestial warrior who served the Red Saint. Now buried in Terregaunt's Tower. Pronounced "Oo-oh-toe"

Urlaster: Sorcerer from more than 100 years ago that explored Dragon's Delve. He lived in Brindenford, and his former home is now the tavern, the Lost Shepherd. He fashioned a key that provides one of the ways into the Prison of the Red Saint. Pronounced "Ur-las-ter."

Urgan: Oldest of the children of Kulaj, Urgan is the worker who uses the power of the river for his own ends as he shapes steel and stone. Urgan is the Neutral Good god of the earth and metalworkers and stoneworkers. He appeals to dwarves, gnomes, and perhaps orcs. See the Temple of the River Gods.
His domains are Earth, Fire, and Good. His favored weapon is the warhammer and his symbol is a wheel with a hammer and gemstones set upon it. Pronounced "Er-gahn."

Val Donage: Retired female human adventurer who explored Dragon's Delve who now owns the Lost Shepherd. Pronounced "Val Don-adge"

Vangell: Human male sorcerer who explored much of Dragon's Delve and now lives among the pirates on Khorant. Pronounced "Van-gel."

Venom Cult: A secretive, evil cult devoted to murder, death, poison, and serpents. The cult uses a portion of Dragon's Delve as its base of operations, although it has secretly infiltrated the town of Brindenford as well. The cult's patron is Nag, a minor but extremely sinister god.

Vesh: Humanoid creatures descended from either blind cave fish or very deep sea fish, or perhaps both. These blind, freshwater carnivores are strictly subterranean and can be found mainly on Level 3 of Dragon's Delve, although a few have wandered elsewhere. Use locathah stats.

Vraedix: A magical information storage device based on a semi-sentient thinking machine the Mages Four discovered on a different world. Found on Level 7 of Dragon's Delve.

Vimble Mirhoffal: Wealthy halfling male in Brindenford. Proprietor of Queen's Crafts. Pronounced "Vim-bul Meer-hof-al."

Vune: A goddess of light, purity, and charity. Most, but not all of Vune's clerics are female. Those that are not belong to a sub-sect called the Brothers of Charity and focus on aiding the poor, the sick, and orphans in the name of their goddess. The rest of the clergy is interested in spreading Vune's teachings of helping others before helping oneself. Vune's worship is widespread and extremely popular. Her clerics are often treated as a special, highly respected social class. See also the Temple of Vune.
Vune is Lawful Good. Her domains are Good, Healing, and Sun. Her favored weapon is a mace.
Pronounced "Voon."

Wendways: A mystical conduit stretching through Dragon's Delve allowing near-instantaneous travel between key spots throughout the dungeon.

Whedon Rasholt: Head guildsman of the Logger's Guild. Engaged to Sillitta Ederus of the Temple of Vune. See also the Logger's Landing.


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