Adventure Where You Find It

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Stan!This week we wrap up our visit to the Secret City. It's a strange place and, keeping with that theme, there are some unusual qualities to this week's encounter.

As described in the view from the platform, the Apparatus fills the cavernous space beneath the Secret City with churning gears, pumping pistons, and whirling belts. So while areas 471, 472, and 474 have been noted in certain areas on the map, they do not place in specific "rooms" or "chambers." Rather, they can take place anywhere within the Apparatus's "open" space that the GM likes. (Conversely, encounter numbers 473 and 475 have specific reasons for being in those physical locations, and should not be moved unless the GM has a good reason to do so.)

The notated spots reflect the paths that our playtest groups most often took, and so are our best guesses for where your players will go first, too. However, all groups of PCs are different. Yours may decide the hugging the wall is more advantageous than diving into the middle of the room.

The thing for the GM to do is decide in what order he wishes the PCs to have the encounters, which ones are mandatory and which are avoidable, and simply place them in the PCs' ways at the appropriate time.

Of course, for some GMs, that would smack of railroading ... taking the choice of destiny from the players' hands, and that's why we included specific "suggested" map locations for all of these encounters.

See? Something for everyone!

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