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Monte Cook

I'd say it came to me in a dream, but you'd think I was crazy. But the truth is, I literally woke up one morning thinking, ", that would be cool."

That happens to me a lot. I wake up with some fuzzy-headed thought, and then as I sort of drift into consciousness, the idea takes on some real form. Sometimes--perhaps most of the time--it's not worth anything. Even as I worked on other things that day, I thought about how I might be able to create a website that would provide new game content every day. I drew up some notes, but still didn't tell anyone about it. When Sue came home that day, I sprang the idea upon her, thinking she'd give me the very good reasons why it would never work. Instead, she immediately thought it was a great idea, and talked about how it could be done.

I secretly dropped what I was working on and spent the next few days doing some research online and drawing up a plan to make it happen. When I'd worked out the details, I told a couple of people about it. To my surprise, everyone I told about it exclaimed at what a great idea it was.

This seemed like a good sign.

So here we are. is a reality, and I couldn't be more excited about it. On a personal level, it feels a lot like when Sue and I started Malhavoc Press. I know I've told the story many times, but back then, game pdfs were so new, there was nowhere to sell them (no RPGNow or DriveThruRPG, for example). I spent all night working out a way to host our first file, the Book of Eldritch Might, and make it available for sale. I learned a million new things all at once, all the while biting my nails wondering if anyone would be interested in the product we had to offer, in the brand new format we offered it.

This time around, it's the same worries, of course, with me learning all kinds of new things: graphics software, podcasting software, and more. It's great and scary all at once.

I hope you'll join me for the fun ride that this is going to be. is really going to be a community project--I'll be visiting the forums every day, reading the comments here to get a good idea of what you want and don't want, and answering your questions. Your opinions can directly influence the material. Want to see more new magic items, just let me know. Want to see more encounters with otyughs? Let your opinion be heard. What's more, because of the format, if you find something in an encounter description unclear and let me know, I can go right into the description and clarify it.  

This is going to be really, really fun.

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